It’s not acceptable Wayne Rooney cheated but I’ve forgiven him-Coleen Rooney says as she speaks for the first time about husband’s affairs

Coleen Rooney who is the wife of Wayne Rooney has reacted for the first time on husn=band’s numerous affairs.

According to Coleen Rooney,her husband’s numerous affairs were ‘not acceptable’

The 35-year-old mother of three revealed that she felt peeved over the former Manchester United player’s behaviour and disclosed that friends asked her why she stuck by Rooney after he was caught romping with prostitutes behind her back.

She disclosed she decided not to leave her husband partly for the sake of their boys.

Speaking on Amazon documentary,Coleen Rooney said:

“Life goes on and I’ve moved on.You’ve moved on.Not the behaviour,’s not acceptable.

“Forgiveness I’d say is different.It’s not acceptable what he’s done but it’s happened and that was a stage of life that we were in at the time.But we’ve moved on.

“I forgive him but it wasn’t acceptable.If it comes up we talk about it like we are talking about it now.I haven’t got the anger I did at the time”

“I do think it’s amazing that we are where we are today.We’re lucky that we both had the strenth and support of each other and the people around us to keep going.That’s something we’ve had to work hard at.

“I wouldn’t be standing here if I hadn’t forgiven him”

She was quick to add that Wayne Rooney was no longer allowed to drink unsupervised.


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