Incest! My blood brother says I’m too beautiful to be with another guy so he wants to marry me – Depressed lady seeks advice

A depressed young lady has taken to Facebook to seek urgent advice after her biological elder brother is making life a living hell for her.

According to her story she sent to ‘tell it moms’ on Facebook, she said, her elder brother who travelled abroad when she was still young came back recently saying she has grown to become a beautiful lady.

Narrating her ordeal, she said, her brother said she is too beautiful to be with another man.

She further stated that her brother takes very good care of her and makes sure she lacks nothing because he is scared another man will take her from him.

Read her post below,

Hello people of TIM please help me.I’m in a tight dilemma and depressed

My brother says I’m too beautiful to be with another guy other than him and he wouldn’t want to see another guy treat me badly so he wants to marry me..To cut everything short

When I was 3years, my elder brother left to the US to study and work…He came back when I was 16years in SHS 2…When my brother saw me he asked our parent if it’s really me coz I have grown so fast..During his stay he had a fight with our father and what all this fight was about is my brother wants to marry me and my father is not accepting it..My brother had gone to see the Abusuapanin of our family that he wants to marry me..He is so serious with it.Our parent did want to involve me so I wasn’t told. It was later I complained to my mum that my brother calls me everyday(Morning,Afternoon and Evening ) and he will be telling me he loves me and I shouldn’t break his heart by dating any guy and My mum sat me done, told me everything and explain things to me that we are blood so it can’t be possible..

2015,unfortunately our father passed away and my brother came for the funeral ..When he came,he was still insisting they allow him marry me…He left with anger because our family head said he won’t allow that..

I can’t tell you the number of times my brother calls me a day and it always video calls so that he makes sure I’m home and not with any guy..He is always posting my pictures on his status and I’m always on his dp..

He is so addicted to me that even if I post a guy on my status he gets angry and cries like a baby that I’m hurting him..

He does everything for me.He makes sure I don’t lack anything so that I don’t go to any guy for it

Even on occasions like Valentine,he send gifts and all sort of love stuffs

I have now gone to tertiary and completed

The day I completed ,my brother called me and told me that he wants to come to Ghana and take me to a country where no one will find us …There, we can get married and have babies..

Just this February he came to Ghana to marry a lady he impregnated coz the lady’s family is insisting he marries thier daughter..On his wedding day,that Saturday, he left his wife at the hotel and came to sleep in my room…I was surprised when he came. I asked and he said he doesn’t love the girl but the family is forcing her to marry me.

I don’t even know how to tell my mum coz they weren’t talking because of this same issue.

I’m really in state of confusion..sometimes I’m not able to sleep for the whole night..Please help me


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