“I’m single, no children at age 52, I didn’t die” – Female pastor asks youth to relax

Rev Jacqueline who churches at Purpose Center Church in Kenya has advised the youth to stop stressing themselves beyond their limit to please the people they are surrounded with.

According to her, the society these days is exerting pressure on the youth to live a life that they never dreamt of.
While speaking in an exclusive interview with NTV, she said;

“We are putting a lot of pressure on younger people. There are people who will hire a car for the weekend just to be seen driving so that people can see that they have a car.”

Using herself as a case study, she said she’s 52 years unmarried woman with no child but she’s not bothered because what matters to her is the fact that she’s alive and living happily.

According to her, she initially planned on getting married at age 38 but she wasn’t compelled when her dream failed to materialize because she not living life to please anybody.

“I am 52 years old, still single and with no children. I am alive and that’s critical. I had a goal to get married by 28, I am 52 now and still single, I didn’t die or lose anything. Learn to be flexible with goals that you can’t control, I can’t control someone coming into my life,” she said.

Reverend Jacqueline was however quick to add that she is not against goal-setting but such goals must be realistic and not meant to please anyone.

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