‘I’m bored with my husband and I’m falling for my friend’s partner’-Woman seeks help

'I'm bored with my husband and I'm falling for my friend's partner'-Woman seeks help

I’m a married woman in my 30s with one child. My husband takes me for granted and I don’t even fancy him any more.

We probably haven’t had sex in 18 months and I’m not ­bothered. I haven’t been happy with him for some time and I’ve now fallen in love with one of my friend’s husbands.

I’ve never told him how I feel, but there’s definitely chemistry between us. He flirts with me a bit, but it’s subtle and I don’t think anyone else would notice.

I was at a school concert the other night and he was sitting in front of me and I felt turned on just staring at the back of his neck!

The thing is, I know his wife has been sleeping with someone else – in fact, loads of people know about it, but he doesn’t. I think he deserves to know what’s going on, but I’m worried it’ll backfire on me.

I don’t want to be the messenger who gets shot as I keep hoping we’ll somehow get together.

What would you do in this ­situation? I like this guy so much, but I know it’s complicated. Please help.

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