‘I won’-Lady says as she narrates how she ended up engaged to the man that cheated on her with her ex-bestie and 2 other women (Video)

Can you forgive your partner after cheating on you with your bestie and two other persons outside the relationship?

A lady has proven that one should fight for his/her love as she has been engaged by the same man that cheated on her with several women.

According to the TikToker, her boyfriend who just proposed marriage to her cheated with her bestie(now ex-bestie) and two other women.

She didn’t leave her man in the midst of all these brouhahas and fought for her place and now she is engaged.

She shared the shocking story in a video recorded with her fiancé as they were heading out together with the inscriptions on the video that reads:” Ended up engaged to the one that cheated on me with my ex bestie and 2 others.I won”

Watch the video below:


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