“I was happy to see her sad”-Man makes girlfriend lose her job as payback for cheating on him

A Nigerian man has narrated how he made his ex-girlfriend lose her job after finding out that she was cheating on him.

The Twitter user identified as Adedolapoadey13 said he tricked her into resigning from her job after discovering her cheating escapades.

He lied that he wanted to open a spa for her, and as soon as she resigned, he sent her a breakup text message with evidence of her cheating acts.

He narrated on Twitter:

“When my ex started cheating, I did not let her know I knew, but I was planning my revenge carefully. Told her to resign her job that I will open a spa for her (she has always hated her job). Then when she resigned and told me, I sent her my evidence with a break up text.

“I didn’t feel better actually, but I was happy to see she became sadder than I was. She is still looking for job, I have another lover now.”

See tweet below:


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