I took my husband to the Mortuary because of his alcoholism-Woman shockingly reveals

A woman has recounted how she once took her husband to the Mortuary because of his alcoholism.

According to the unidentified woman, her husband is a drunkard and has been disgracing her as she is mostly called by people to go take her husband from the gutters.

The woman further stated that she has refused to leave her husband upon advice from her family.

The woman who was overly fed up with her husband’s shameful attitude one day decided to end it all.

According to the woman, one day when she was being called to pick her husband up she decided to take him to the morgue.

She revealed that she negotiated with the Mortuary man to lay him on the ground among the corpses.

The husband woke up after two hours and started begging the Mortuary man not to put him in the fridge because he is not dead.

The mortuary man after the man begged for some time decided to let him out.

The woman revealed that since that day the husband never got drunk.

See the woman’s full post below:


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