I stabbed myself at my baby daddy’s house to get him arrested for using and dumping me – Lady

Lady expresses worry for her cousin’s daughter who started her period at 8 years

An anonymous lady has taken to social media to seek help after doing the unthinkable just to get her baby daddy arrested for using and dumping her.

The lady in a post addressing a celebrity with huge followers said her baby daddy cheated on her with another lady and thereafter, she dumped her like a rag.

To pay him back in his coin, the lady said he went to her baby daddy’s house with a knife and upon her arrival, she stabbed herself in the  stomach which saw her in the hospital for two weeks.

The lady wrote that she told authorities of the hospital that her baby daddy stabbed her and that he should be arrested.

Granting her heart desires, the baby daddy got arrested but was released on bail.

However, the lady said she feels guilty because her baby daddy is made to face the law which means he will automatically be sentenced to jail.

The lady is now asking for ideas to get her baby daddy free.


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