I saw two deadly bomb explosions in America-Prophet reveals

Ghanaian socialite and soothsayer Ibrah One who is noted for dropping damning revelations has released a series of prophecies.

In one of his prophecies, he revealed that the United States of America will be hit with a tragedy.

According to Ibrah One, he saw two deadly explosions in the States.

He didn’t give in-depth information concerning the deadly explosions and when they will happen but honesty US has nothing to worry about as Ibrah One’s prophecies are as useless as tits on a nun.

Here is what he wrote on social media concerning the US prophecy:

“I saw Two deadly bombs explosions in serious financial crises”

See screenshot below:


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  1. When did this Fulani boy became a Ghanaian socialite? I don’t accept him that. This disrespectful guy, who doesn’t seem to submit to and respect our leaders and do fraudulent activities, not excluding money laundering in this country. No one should listen or pay attention to him. This guys arrest is long over due. Ghanaians should come together to help the Ghana police get him arrested. The media shouldn’t entertain him at all.

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