“I can’t hold my tears anymore”-Shemima of date rush fame in tears as Ali breaks up with her(Video)

The relationship between Date Rush couple Shemima and Ali has finally ended in tears.

In a self-made video on TikTok, Shemima burst into tears as she announced that her date Ali broke up with her.

According to Shemima, it is a very painful experience to go on national Tv to look for love for it to end in tears.

“It has finally ended in tears and I cannot hold my tears anymore. I have been crying all day but I just have to cope and be ok. The most painful thing about this is you ging on national television to look for love and it finally ends in tears” Shemima said.

She indicated that she decided not to agree to the numerous proposals she got from other men because she was dating Ali and it’s sad their relationship ended in tears.

“The whole world and everyone know that Shemima and Ali are dating, things are serious between them and they are cool. You know, I can’t hold my tears and I think I have to cope with whatever is going on. I’m really sad but I have to move on with my life. People have been approaching me and because we were dating I’m avoiding everyone around me and it’s very sad to end this way” Shemima added.

Shemima disclosed that she has regretted going to Date Rush to look for love.

She added that she is currently happy living her single life and she thanks God that Ali showed his true colours early in their relationship.

Shemima also revealed that she has been receiving threat messages from a particular lady in her ‘DM’ to leave Ali alone and it’s evident that Ali was already dating before he participated in the Date Rush show.

“A lady has been threatening me always in my DM to leave Ali so he was already dating before I chose him on stage and this lady keeps on threatening me and I have to move on. He said he cannot be with me anymore and I have to stop. So I have to let social media and everyone know that it is over between me and Ali. Yes, it’s over, I’m moving on with my life, I’m single” Shemima added.

Watch the video below:


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