I can get up to 180 orgasms in 2 hours-Woman living with Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder reveals (Video)


For most mums picking their child up from school or visiting the playground is just part of a daily routine.

But for Cara Anaya, the school run is a nightmare as she suffers from a rare condition which causes her to endure up to SIX HOURS of sexual arousal a day.

The 30-year-old suffers from Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder and on a bad day can have more than 180 ORGASMS in just two hours.

Mum-of-one Cara was diagnosed with the incurable condition three years ago and will have spontaneous orgasms in the supermarket, on the school run and even in the playground.

Cara, who lives in Arizona, USA, with her husband Tony Carlisi, 34, and young son Merrick, 10, said doctors have been unable to help her and it is ruining her life.

Watch the video below:


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