I built,managed Odartey Lamptey’s Glow Lamp International School; I deserve 50% share -Ex-wife to court

Ex wife of Odartey Lamptey has requested the Accra High Court presided over by Justice Cecilia Don-Chebe Agbevey hearing her divorce case with her ex-footballer husband to give her 50% of Odartey Lamptey’s Glow Lamp International School and Golden Lion Soccer Academy to her among other properties in addition to the Dome Kwabenya house given to her already. 

Glow Lamp School and other assets of the football star including a soccer academy have been doing well with a lot of money coming in over the years from the school. Gloria Odartey Lamptey told the court that but for her effort, it wouldn’t have come to being because she influenced the investment and also led its implementation.

In court documents sighted by, Gloria “Odartey Lamptey” argued that at the time her then husband, now ex-husband was busy with his footballing career abroad, she spent a lot of time to ensure the school was built to modern standard and after it was completed, she served as Proprietress guiding the school in particular to its present status as one of the best in Accra.

Glow Lamp School is one of the best Schools in the greater Accra Region scoring 100% consecutively over the past 10 BECEs with numbers growing.

The school reportedly brings in more than Ghc1.5million in profits every year before tax for which Gloria Lamptey wanted 50% shares allocated to her by court order.

Veil of incorporation argument

The court however dismissed Gloria’s claim after listening to the lawyers for Odartey Lamptey who pleaded with the court “not to disturb the veil of incorporation of the school as it is a separate legal entity from Mr. Odartey Lamptey as a person. 

The lawyers also argued that at the time Mrs. Odartey Lamptey served as supervisor of the project and then as proprietess, she was paid a monthly salary as a staff of the school and couldn’t have turned around to say she did it out of charity.

Justice Cecilia Don-Chebe Agbevey after hearing argument frok both sides completely quashed Gloria’s motion to have the ex-footballers assets equally divided, especially the school – Glow Lamp.

Gloria was however allocated Nii Odartey Lamptey’s property located at Dome as he had proposed but what Gloria actually said she wanted is Nii Odartey Lamptey’s 7-bedroom apartment in East Legon.



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