My husband made me stop wearing trousers, but he’s now admiring skimpily-dressed women – Wife cries out

A Nigerian woman has cried out online about being unable to satisfy her husband despite changing a lot of things about her lifestyle just to please him.

She said that before they got married he asked her to delete her Facebook account, change her phone number and cut off all her friends. She did all these without hesitation.

The woman said he promised to do same but she found out he was still in touch with his friends, and when she confronted him, he said it was just part of his plan to fool them.

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Also, he asked her to stop wearing trousers and to ut her hair, which she did. But the disheartening thing is that he is now flirting with women who wear short skirts

She recently caught her hubby complimenting a picture of a lady who wore mini skirt and this rattled her.

In her words; ‘‘Before me and my husband married He said I must delete my Facebook account and open a new one which he must know the password. Also change my SIM card and also delete all my friends from my life. Which I abided by the rules. He also stop me from wearing trousers and after wedding he said I should barb my hair, on Friday for peace to rain I barb It..

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Also I later found out that he is always going out with few of his friends, which I confronted him, he said he is deceiving them. Just this night I saw where he is a telling someone in mini skirt picture baby you look hot… I feel like doing something to him in his sleep.”


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