How to apply for New Zealand Visa in Ghana

How to apply for New Zealand Visa in Ghana

To take a 19-hours flight to New Zealand, one would need a document that has been issued by the consulate of New Zealand as eligibility to enter the country which is a Visa.

You’re required to be informed on the type of Visa you’d want. Whether it is work, study, Business, Visitor, Family, Transit, or a Settlement Visa. Deciding on this would help make filling your Visa application easier. This is large because every Visa type requires specific documents.

This article will, however, target and simplify the basic requirements you would need to apply for a New Zealand Visa in Ghana and the processes required.

Kindly make the following requirements available for the Visa application process.

  1. Visa Application Form

A Ghanaian passport holder would have to pick up a Visa application form whether manually or online and fill it accordingly. You are to contact a translator or an immigration lawyer, should you have trouble understanding certain questions.

Carefully proofread to avoid any mishappenings.

The reason this is a crucial part of the process is that the information you give on this form would be duly verified in your Visa Interview. Please try to provide answers that you’d easily remember.

Before submitting the form, you could keep a photocopy for study before your Visa Interview.

  1. Two Photographs

Two passport pictures measuring from your face to shoulders would be needed for processing. The picture has to be of high quality and should be taken in the last one or two months.

  1. Valid Passport

For New Zealand, a Ghanaian passport holder would be required to have a passport that is valid for 6 months. This passport will need one blank page for the visa stamps.

4.Proof of a healthy financial stance

You should be able to provide proof of financial stability. The consulate needs to be convinced that you have the means to stay in New Zealand with ease. You may be required to provide work payslips or bank statements dated 6 months back.

  1. Proof of accommodation

Should you be visiting a friend or family, the person would have to be a legal New Zealand resident or a legal citizen to welcome you. The person would also be required to offer proof of a registered home which means that they have the means to accommodate you.

Other than that, you’d have to provide receipts of your hotel reservations

  1. Detail travel plans

On a visitor visa, the consulate would have to access your detailed travel plans. This translates as carefully designing an agenda that convinces the consulate that you’re not a flight risk. No matter how little it is a detail, it is important.

On a business trip, a detailed schedule and appointments should be made available.

  1. Vaccinations

Although this is usually a last-minute process, it is quite important. Without a yellow fever vaccination, meningitis, hepatitis B, tuberculosis vaccinations, you’ll not be allowed to travel even with your Visa.

These vaccinations must be taken no more than three days before the date of travel.

  1. Invitation Letter

In the case where you’re being invited by a friend or family who is a legal citizen or resident of New Zealand, you’d have to provide the consulate with such an invitation letter to help in the decision-making of issuing your Visa.

This friend or family may also write a direct invitation letter to the New Zealand embassy to reduce your stress.

In the case of a student visa, make sure to provide the school admission letter from your education giver in New Zealand.

On business, you’d need to provide proof of business registration which states your position in the organization.

  1. Proof of Visa fee payment

Once your Visa application is filed, you’d have to pay Visa payment fees which solely depends on the type of visa you’re applying for.

It is important to keep this receipt too for your interview.

Once all the information above is dealt with, make your Visa Interview appointment and be sure to arrive at least 30 minutes early.

Take with you the photocopied documents you have already submitted and your payment receipts.

You can then await your New Zealand Visa patiently.


This process can be made very simple and stress-free only if you apply at least 3 months ahead of your travel date.

This gives the New Zealand embassy enough time to duly consulate and process your application.

We hope this article has been helpful and that you get to take that long-desired trip, by first acquiring your New Zealand Visa.

Have the best of luck. Kindly share your views with us in the comments below and don’t forget to share this article.

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