How to adapt and improve your marketing during COVID-19 times?

How to adapt and improve your marketing during COVID-19 times?

This pandemic induced COVID-19 has turned our lives upside-down. We are officially living in a world of social distancing, self-isolation, work from home, and anxiety. “The New Normal” has impacted every industry, sparing none, except education. In this article, we will look at how businesses can revive their marketing strategies and survive in the post-pandemic world.

Why is it necessary to market during COVID-19?

Marketing is always a significant aspect of running a business, pandemic, or not. It might be hard for marketers to know how and where to begin in times of crisis, especially when people confine themselves into their houses. We are encountering significant shifts in the behavioral trends of the consumers resulting in significant demands in e-commerce and marketing methods, both online and offline. Marketing amidst the coronavirus pandemic can offer several benefits. Some of them are the following:

  • It gives you a competitive advantage over others in the marketing race and keeps your customers engaged.
  • The trust in your current customer base is further strengthened as you seek new ways of helping them.
  • Makes your business active and retains its popularity and position in the industry.
  • Working in the post-pandemic period will be easy and fast as you have maintained excellent communication with the customers in the hard times and gotten to know them better.
  • The pandemic can cause many changes in the life, preferences, and expectations of the target audience. For example, everything will become online, and people will want all these in a certain way to serve their hope. Marketing amidst the COVID-19 helps you to refresh your knowledge of your target audience and serve them well.

Enough said, but how can brands promote and market themselves? What should marketers take care of while marketing their brands in the COVID-19 crisis? Here are some of the ways in which you can adapt to the new normal:

Ways to adapt and improve marketing during COVID-19 times

  • Re-brand yourself

People feel vulnerable now, and they need empathy. The nuances of your brand voice need to shift its focus to longevity as well as well-being. As a brand, you should not fear the adjacency and must come up with ways to bridge the gap between makers and customers because of the uncertainty- give new levels of engagement and relevance to your brand.

The ideas you produce and attempts you make must suggest that your contributions are not solely for profit or commercial benefits but also the well-being of the broader public. Let the customers recognize the real purpose and authenticity of your brand.

  • Reassure your customers

Businesses heavily rely on a loyal customer base. In such a time with lots of uncertainty, you need to stay in touch with them and assure them that you are still here.

You can approach them in many ways. Some of them include sending regular email updates and messages to their account (dashboards) as well as putting up daily posts on social media like Instagram marketing, etc. When you reassure your audience about the functionality and the changes occurring within the company, they will trust you, and this will positively impact the relationship.

  • Be creative

This pandemic has created a sense of boredom among people because of their limited space and lack of exposure. Which is why, this is not the time to follow your old and conventional marketing strategies as your audience is looking for something more creative. The world is in the acknowledge and adapt phase, and marketing leaders should work externally to keep their journey as whole and creative as possible. The more creative you are, the more you can influence them.

Having a unique approach can make your products and services stand out in the crowd. For example, you can offer various campaigns, group meetings, competitions, etc., for attractive prizes and let the audience have fun with it. Attract the target audience and keep them engaged with your brand to search for your posts on their feeds. You need to lean to realistic thinking from the outside-in and operate in new ways with confidence and humility.

  • Be active on Social Media

Online spaces have been equally affected in this pandemic. From education to jobs, to businesses; everything has been shifted to virtual spaces. According to studies, more people are going virtual in the pandemic period. Social media platforms have transformed from an entertainment platform to an essential communication podium.

To market your company or services, take your strategies to the social platforms, and be active and available. Post frequently, organize contests and advertisements, promote your products, and develop a new strategy to get more Instagram followers. All these create a buzz about your business and make it relevant. Also, it is a cost-effective marketing strategy to promote your business.

  • Embrace virtual relationships

Building relationships is an essential aspect of the business, mainly when you are building them online. But if you want to market your brand or business, you have to develop and strengthen business relationships with partners and customers alike.

Keep your business open and honest, and follow regular communication with the partners. While communicating, make sure you are genuine and empathetic. This helps you to market your business in the future as well.

  • Think beyond your business

That pandemic an unexpected and new point in history, and it is forcing every field to change. So, try to think beyond the business confinement. You are in a state where everything is uncertain. As a business owner, you should be open to several other sectors so that you can collaborate with them.

For example, organize educational training and classes and sponsor the needy people out there in society. You are promoting your company and services, but you are also fulfilling social responsibility, which will increase the respect your customers have for you. Also, it will give you more opportunities to expand your business.


It is unfortunate how the world is scattering and shattering in the COVID-19 crisis. We need to put faith in ourselves and give our best to overcome the enormous challenges. Make sure that you are not falling behind in the business and are doing everything for the customers.

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