How Instagram helped me find out my boyfriend was cheating – Lady reveals

A pretty lady has narrated how she discovered her boyfriend was cheating on her and it was made possible by Instagram.

She said the video and photo-sharing app suggested she should follow a particular girl’s account, which she did.

After the young woman known as @lyloraa followed the girl’s IG handle, she checked her profile and discovered that her man had been following the same person.

Surprised by this, she then went to the first highlight on the lady’s page and saw a video of her man inside a car with the unknown lady.

Lyloraa, who described that discovery as the darkest moment in her life, shared her story in response to a Twitter user who wrote;

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Lyloraa wrote; ”Instagram suggested I follow some random girl while I was scrolling. I click on the girl’s profile and see that my man was following her, I clicked on the first highlight in her profile and she had a video inside his car.”


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