How a lady escaped being used for rituals by her fiancé on Xmas day

A social media user has given a chilling of how her niece escaped being used for rituals by her fiancé on Christmas day.

According to the social media identified as Chinwe Lilian Okafor, her niece’s fiancé picked her up to see his family but on their way to the Village her lover took a narrow road which was quite absurd.

The lady started questioning him but he said his parents were not home so he wants them to visit some friends before they proceed.

Whilst on their way,the lady’s fiance kept making strange calls and anytime he receives a call he gets out of the vehicle to receive the call.

At a point when he got down to make the call,the lady over heard his conversation and tried to escaped but he caught her,seized her phone,handbag and locked her in the car until they got to a shrine.

She said when they got to the shrine she saw other ladies tied but luckily for her she wasn’t tied so she escaped when her fiance and two other men stepped out for further discussions.

The lady ran through a thick forest until she got to a roadside.

The lady is yet to recover from the shocking event.

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