I left my hometown to Accra in search of greener pastures – Lady spotted with twins strapped at her back while hawking speaks after receiving kind donations from Ghanaians

The Ghanaian lady who was recently spotted in a viral video with two kids strapped at her back while hawking on the streets of Accra has finally spoken according to an update given by journalist Manasseh Azure in a Facebook post.

Per the post, the lady said she has six kids with no one to help in taking care of them and so she left Cape Coast where she lives to Accra in search of greener pastures so that her family will not risk starving.

She said she has no option other than to strap the twins at her back when hawking because there’s nobody to take of them.

In an update about the father of the kids, the lady said the man lives far away from them and hardly supports them.

Meanwhile, Manasseh Azure Awuni said in the update that the lady has been taken off the market and has been given a place to stay with her kids within Accra.

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