Hilarious moment female student received phone call in class informing her that she’s pregnant – Video

A video which has gone viral captures the mind blowing moment a lady received a sensitive and important phone call while attending a lecture.

The lecturer reportedly introduced a rule that if anyone keeps their phone on during class and it rings out loud, then they would have to put it on speaker for everyone to hear.

A female student got a call from a man named Kevin claiming to be from the pregnancy resource centre.

He informed her that the result for her pregnancy test came back positive and the centre is available to provide counseling and other services she may need during the 9 month period.

However, after the call ended, her lecturer apologised for compelling her put the call on loud speaker, thereby exposing her pregnancy status to everyone.

But the most shocking and interesting part was that she opened up about it all being an elaborate prank.

Watch the video HERE


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