Guy from ‘holding in fart next to a cute girl in class’ meme explains what was actually happening

Seen the ‘guy holding a fart next to a cute girl in the class’ meme?

The guy in the viral meme is Michael McGee. He is seen holding his breath and straining his veins in the picture.

Mike McGee was 16 and studying at Northwest High School in Justin, Texas when the photo which “accidentally” turned into a viral meme was taken on October 24, 2013.

The photo went viral only two months after it was clicked.

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The picture was clicked by Mike’s friend who posted it on Twitter. It was later posted with the caption, “Trying to hold a fart next to a cute girl in class.”

Overnight, Mike became a viral meme.

He told UNILAD, “I was not flatulent, by any means!”

“It’s quite the party trick. I kind of just hold my breath and flex my head, if that makes sense?” Mike said.

Explaining what really happened when the photo was taken, Mike said, “The guy who took the picture has been a good friend of mine since I first moved out here to Texas, so he knew I was able to make the face anytime I wanted. So he wanted to make a funny Twitter caption and told me to make the face. He posted it and like to or three months after he posted it, it took off!”

Mike gets recognised by “random people” all the time. He said that strangers “come up me in the street ask if I’m the meme and what not.”

“My parents don’t really understand how big and widespread it is so they overlook the whole thing.

My friends find it hilarious though!” Mike added.

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Well, what about the “cute girl” in the picture?

Mike said that he is “very good friends with the girl in the photo.”

‘Cute girl’ Amber Potter said, “At first when he made the face I was like, ‘oh my gosh what is he doing, I hope he’s okay’? It really does look quite painful and concerning especially in person!”


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