Groom exposes cheating bride’s affair with brother-in-law and plays their S£x tape during their wedding (Video)

Groom exposes cheating bride's affair with brother-in-law and plays their S£x tape during wedding (Video)

A groom exposed a video of his wife having an affair with her brother-in-law after the couple exchanged vows during their wedding.

The 2019 wedding took place in China and resurfaced on TikTok as commenters were stunned by the groom’s behavior during the wedding. According to the New York Post, the couple had been together for two years and were engaged for six months before the wedding. However, the bride claimed she was allegedly abused by the groom and turned to his pregnant sister’s husband as a shoulder to cry on. Their bond drew them closer, and they started having an affair.

In the video, the couple starts to exchange their vows when a video of the bride appears on the screen where she’s having a sexual encounter with her brother-in-law. The groom yells, “Did you think I didn’t know about this?”

“There is this on the Internet. The man beat the woman, and the brother-in-law coordinated, and had a relationship with his sister-in-law. After the man knew about it, he played this video in front of relatives and friends of both families at the wedding . . . What a mess~!,” a Weibo user wrote when the video was first released.

The bride reportedly said she wanted to sue the groom for posting the video, but the wedding clip went viral on various social media sites under the hashtag #brotherinlawgate. Some people believed the video was staged and recorded for the couple to gain fame online.

On TikTok, various users had their own opinion about the wedding and criticized the couple’s actions, especially when the explicit video popped up on screen during the wedding ceremony. One user wrote, ‘“Why waste thousands if he knew?” Satisfaction people. Embarrassing her in front of everyone was probably worth it for him.’ Another TikToker said, “Maybe he found out too late, and the wedding needed to be paid for regardless whether they broke it off.”

“He said you wasted my time ima embarrassed and waste yours and everybody time 😂”

She had the nerve to get mad as if she’s the victim.

“Its not about the money. It’s about sending a message.”

Other Tiktokers said they wanted the full version of the video as it cut off while the couple confronted each other about the affair. Since being uploaded on the platform, it has reached over 6 million views with 6,000 comments and 750,000 likes.

“The fact I waited the whole video for 1 second of confrontation. 😭 I want full version

nah cause he could have done this in private imagine potentially going to jail just to embarrass someone?!?! nahhhh could never be me 💀”

It is unclear if the groom was arrested or faced legal consequences for the exposure. Additionally, there was no further information if the bride continued her affair with her brother-in-law.

Watch the video below:


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