Goalkeeper sent off before kick off in cup final after VAR catches him making provocative gesture towards rival fans(Video)

Goalkeeper sent off before kick off in cup final after VAR catches him making provocative gesture towards rival fans

A goalkeeper was issued a red card seconds before a cup final commenced after VAR caught him making cut-throat gestures towards rival fans.

The goalkeeper identified as Jean Fernandes was given his marching orders by the referee in Paraguay after trolling supporters behind the goa he was about to defend by crossing his forearms in front of his throat.

The Cerro Porteno goalie had only just reached the goalmouth to prepare himself for the start of the game against Olimpia in Paraguay’s Superfinal cup when he was captured by VAR turning to the crowd and making the quick hand movement.

The goalkeeper’s action cost his side as the team lost 3-1 to their arch-rivals.

The video captured Fernandes bending down to leave his rosary inside his left goalpost before standing up and making a gesture the match officials deemed as provocative and worthy of expulsion.

The goalkeeper was then ordered to the centre-kick as VAR officials watched a replay of his actions before referee Eber Aquino sent him off before the match.

Fernandes however took to social media to protest the decision claiming that his expulsion was a result of a misunderstanding and had performed a Brazilian funk music gesture called a ‘vape’ which in his homeland is used by footballers as a celebration.

“When I went to put my rosary by the side of the goalpost, something which I always do, the rival fans began to throw several things at me including firecrackers.”

“I reacted by making a gesture which in Brazil is normal.A player called Gerson celebrates like that.It’s called the ‘vapo’ gesture.

“I don’t know what the ref thought but he ended up red-carding me.It was a misunderstanding.”

See photos and video below:


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