Giant man and his giantess sister surface

Two of the tallest people in the world were recently spotted in a town called Ash Sharqia in Cairo, Egypt.

The giant siblings were discovered by popular explorer Joe Hattab and blew internet users away with their intimidating heights and physique.

The male sibling identified as Muhamed Shahat stated that he was born normally but noticed rapid growth changes at the young age of 14.

Now 34 years, the young man stands at 2.47m, 0.4m less than the tallest man in the world Sultan Kösen who is at 2.51m Due to his great height, Muhamed lamented that employers have refused to add him to their workforce, rendering him jobless.

Interestingly, the young man revealed that he still hasn’t stopped increasing in height, same also applies to his sister Huda who stands at 2.40m.

Confirming Muhamed’s statements, his mum told Discover with Joe Hattab that her kids were born like every other kid but surprisingly began increasing in height from their tender ages of 12 and 14 (for the female and male respectively).

She decried how their heights have denied them some opportunities and urged people to come to the aids of her kids.

According to her, they need to be healed to stop the rapid continuous growth.

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