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Ghanaian Singer Shatana drop visuals for her hit song ‘Lipo Lipo’

Popular Ghanaian Singer and Songwriter, Shatana born Ranaya Pappoe has dropped visuals of her hit song dubbed ‘Lipo Lipo’ which elaborates on the need to appreciate one’s self no matter the condition one is exposed to in society.

The song which was made public on Monday encourages Ghanaian and African women to appreciate their bodies.

The song focused on dissuading women from the notion that one needs to enhance her body to fit into the societal description of beauty.

It exhorts the minds of listeners, particularly women to the need to love and adore their body types and not allow societal pressure to coerce them into undergoing liposuction.

Shatana who recognizes the affinity of music lovers towards danceable tunes sets the song in a mid-tempo which means achieving the dual purpose of entertaining and also informing listeners about the negative repercussions of liposuctions.

The song comes at a time when quite a number of women, particularly young ladies are undergoing the knife in order to have certain body types.

The craze for liposuction has raised concerns in Ghanaian society owing to the challenges associated with it and the fact that it’s an aberration from the natural order.

Watch the video below:

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