Ghana Card almost ready for 2024 voting exercise-NIA

The National Identification Authority(NIA) have revealed that there are plans underway to integrate the Voter Identification Card into the Ghana Card to enable bearers of the latter to vote with it in the forthcoming 2024 General Elections.

The Spokesperson of NIA,Abdul Ganiwu in an interview on Angel FM disclosed that the only restraining problem in getting holders of Ghana Card to vote is the polling station number.

“Between now and 2024 is a long period to engage the Electoral Commission (EC) so that they can generate that information [polling station numbers] for Ghana Card users. So, when you are 18 years and above, you can tell the EC where you want to vote and it will be done,” he said.

The NIA estimates that 85% of Ghanaians aged 15 years and above have been registered for the NIA card.

Mr. Ganiwu noted that the system is designed to automatically detect and update information of persons who are below the voting age to enable them exercise their rights.

The Ghana Card is expected to replace all identity cards in use for accessing services across the country.

Currently, it has been integrated into the Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT) system to help bearers transact business under the scheme.

Telecommunication companies have also been directed to register all sim card users with it, without which their numbers would be blocked.


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