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Florida man steals from Walmart store, tells police he owns company

Florida, United States: A Florida man accused of stealing from a Walmart store claimed he owned the multi-billion dollar grocery store chain.

Steven Francis, 51, was arrested after he was caught stealing clothes at a Walmart store in Gainesville city, a local TV station reported citing Gainesville Police Department records.

Officers responding to the supermarket behind Butler Plaza were told by Francis that he was the owner of the Walmart after a “hostile takeover”.

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The suspect said he had no regrets about stealing the clothes as he already owned the company.

He is estimated to have taken items worth $200 ).
Francis was booked into the Alachua County Jail on a misdemeanour charge for theft, according to WCJB.

Earlier this year, a man was arrested for trying to break into the Patrick Space Force base to warn “the government there was US aliens fighting with Chinese dragons.”.

Corey Johnson claimed that he was ordered by President Joe Biden to steal a pickup truck and drive to the US Space Force base in Brevard County, according to his arrest affidavit.
He was charged with grand theft of a motor vehicle.

In October, a man found in possession of methamphetamine told the police he had permission to carry the highly-addictive narcotic substance.

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Robert Lawson, 50, had reportedly consented to being searched after deputies questioned him for suspicious loitering.

He then reached into his pockets to produce a pack of cigarettes and a small baggie with a substance that was later identified as meth.

Lawson was taken into custody where he reportedly told the Pinellas County deputy sheriff to call “the FBI and Saint Petersburg Police department because he is allowed to carry methamphetamine.”


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