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Female police officer sacked for having OnlyFans account now makes $27,000 a month

The Colorado cop who was allegedly ousted from the force over her OnlyFans side-hustle has gotten the last laugh: She now makes five figures a month from her DIY p*rn career, and even gets “marriage proposals” on the regular.

“I love what I do, and I have absolutely no regrets,” said Melissa Williams, 46, of her unorthodox badge to riches story. “It’s a year now since I left the police and I am having the time of my life.”

The former Arapahoe Sheriff’s County Police officer claims she makes over $27,000 a month selling saucy snaps on the adult entertainment platform, where she is one of the most popular creators, Jam Press reported. If that wasn’t enough, Williams — known by her p*rn alias Lieutenant Bella Lexi — also shot her first ever X-rated flick and even inked her first book deal.

And the rewards aren’t limited to copping major cash: “I love interacting with my fans and they clearly love me, as I get around 10 marriage proposals every week,” gushed the self-proclaimed “Ex Cop turned FILTHY MILF Model,” claiming she frequently gets propositioned by former colleagues on the force

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