Female fan proposes to Rick Ross during concert (Video)

A female fan exhibited brave as she proposed to American rapper Rick Ross during a recent concert.

In the trending video, a lady could be seen offering Rick Ross a ring while proposing marriage to him.

The beautiful lady could be seen holding the ring while she kept murmuring ‘I love you, will you marry me?’ to Rick Ross.

The rapper who was stunned at the lady’s bravery shared the video on his social media handle.

“Did she ask me to marry her?” Ross asks in a caption over the clip. It was still unclear what the woman was saying. “I have to be honest, there is a connection, how much do you wanna me to tell you about it? I’m gonna leave that to her. So, I want you to make sure you do an interview with her,” he said.

Ross added that she is killing it and that he’s very proud of her: “She is such a beautiful person, beautiful spirit and she is a huge entrepreneur and I want to help her take it to the next level.”

Watch the video below:


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