Erik Ten Hag’s Man Utd transfer targets are ‘Primark players’ -Paul Mearson

Ten Hag confirms Manchester United captain for next season

Manchester United should be shopping in Harrods, not Primark for players like Marko Arnautovic.

“I’m not surprised the fans kicked up a fuss about that and got the club to think again because Arnautovic is not good enough for United.

I don’t know what is going on at Old Trafford but they are making the same old mistakes time and time again in the transfer market.”

The fans must be thinking: “What is going on here?” and you can’t really blame them. They got beaten at home by Brighton and it was the same old story.

You have to dominate midfield if you want to win football matches. But Scott McTominay and Fred aren’t dominating anyone. I’m not being horrible but would Frank Lampard take those two them at Everton? I doubt it.
That tells you everything.

You can have all the talent in the world up front but they will only be as good as the players you have behind you. The other problem is that while Christian Eriksen was a good buy, him and Bruno Fernandes can’t play in the same team really. They are too similar.

They are going to get in each other’s way. They are both the same player. But if United want to get back in the top four, they have to find better players than Arnautovic.

There probably aren’t many teams in the bottom half of the table who would sign him, let alone the top half. United should be shopping for luxury goods but they are down the other end of the high street at the moment and that shouldn’t happen.

They are losing that aura they used to have and the longer it goes on the harder it is to get that back. United were the biggest club in the world but they are starting to slip from that position now.

It could be a long time before they win the title again because they are a million miles behind Manchester City and Liverpool. You don’t really see a lot of people around the world wearing Manchester United shirts any more, do you?

People have moved on. Other teams have taken over that position at the top of the tree and it’s more a case of how the mighty have fallen. I bet the manager can’t believe what he’s walked into if I’m being honest, because if he didn’t know how far behind they are before, he does now.

I really don’t know how he turns it around. But United need a five-year plan to get back to the top, and nobody seems to be planning that far ahead. It’s sad to see really, and if they lose at Brentford this weekend there will be major questions asked. It will be crisis time already.

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