Egypt goalkeeper’s tips spotted taped to water bottle after AFCON final

Egypt goalkeeper Gabaski had a water bottle listing every Senegal player’s penalty preferences during the AFCON final shootout on Sunday (February 6).

Gabaski, 33, saved Sadio Mane’s penalty in normal time and denied Bayern Munich defender Bouna Sarr’s spot kick in the shootout.

The Egyptian shot stopper was seen looking at his water bottle in between penalty kicks in the shootout, but it didn’t prove to be enough for his side to triumph in Cameroon.

Gabaski left his water bottle behind after the defeat and a video was later uploaded to Twitter which showed the information.

The water bottle detailed where the likes of Mane usually direct their spot kicks – which helped Gabaski dive the right way for all five of Senegal’s penalties.

Egypt goalkeeper Gabaski's water bottle was left behind on Sunday
Egypt goalkeeper Gabaski’s water bottle was left behind on Sunday

But misses from Egypt’s Mohamed Abdelmonem and Mohanad Lasheen proved to be crucial in the end as Senegal lifted the trophy for the first-ever time.

Senegal had previously made it to the final in 2019 but were beaten 1-0 by Algeria in Cairo.

Mane took the decisive penalty and duly converted with a brilliantly timed kick which left Gabaski with no chance.

“It’s the best day of my life and the best trophy of my life,” Mane said.

“”I won the Champions League and some [other] trophies but this is the special one for me. This is more important for me. I am happy for myself, my people and all of my family.”

Gabaski saved Sadio Mane's penalty in normal time and Bouna Sarr's in the shootout
Gabaski saved Sadio Mane’s penalty in normal time and Bouna Sarr’s in the shootout


Mane also said his team-mates helped give him with the strength he needed to step up and convert in the shootout after his earlier miss in normal time.

“”When I missed the first penalty, it was a big blow for me,” he said.

“But my team-mates came to me and said ‘Sadio, we lose together and we win together. We know you. You have done too much for us – keep on going’.

“That made me stronger and I think it made the difference when I got the second one.

“”All the boys came to me and said ‘Sadio, we trust you’ and that gave me more motivation. The trophy belongs to the whole Senegal team – everyone deserves it.”


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