Cops are reportedly alerting Pawn shops to find PnB Rock’s killer through stolen jewelry

Cops are reportedly alerting Pawn shops to find PnB Rock's killer through stolen jewelry

PnB Rock’s killer has still not been captured yet but the LAPD and detectives are on the hunt to track the murderer down.

According to TMZ, law enforcement shared that investigators are confident they’ll make an arrest. It was said that police have already alerted local pawn shops to keep an eye out for the jewelry stolen off the rapper’s neck.

So far, they’ve spoken with those close to PnB to determine exactly what type of jewelry he was wearing at the time of the robbery.

LAPD believes that the murderer would want to get rid of the jewelry quickly as it would directly link him to the crime if he kept it.

At this time, detectives strongly believe the suspect targeted PnB because of social media posts. Although the rapper has previously shared videos of himself out and about with his expensive chains, his girlfriend, Steph Sibounheuang, shared their exact location just before the fatal shooting.


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