“Cooking and cleaning for a man doesn’t make you a wife material” – Blessing Okoro

Controversial love expert, Blessing Okorohas opined that when a woman carries out domestic jobs such as cooking and cleaning for her boyfriend, it does not make her a wife material.

According to her, a lot of women have been dumped despite doing all of these things mentioned. This is because the men in question have outgrown the women as they can now outsource other means for these domestic jobs to be done.

She wrote;

”Dear women, cooking and house chores does not make you a wife, go and develop yourselves, house chores, cooking for him, washing for him, doing all those busy bodies does not make you a wife, you need to develop yourselves.”

“Marriage is not slavery, marriage is for companionship and when you are companioned with somebody, you need to learn how to communicate. It is you women that has made a lot of men turn you to slaves, because many of you women are sacred of self-development.”

A lot of men have dumped you today and you are wondering why in as much as you have been cleaning and washing for them, it’s because they have outgrown you, a man can now afford to pay for those things that you do for him.”

“What would you hold on to if a man decides to let you go? But if you develop yourself, you empower yourself and you become independent.”

Watch the video below,

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