Christmas has nothing to do with Christ – Daddy Freeze warns those celebrating ‘Christmas’

Controversial Nigerian media personality, Daddy Freeze has warned those celebrating Christmas that the season has nothing to do with Christ.

Speaking via Instagram, the media personality claimed that Christmas is a pagan festival and the celebration of an European god.

In his words:

“Hello everyone, as you party hard & eat plenty rice today, remember that although no one is stopping you from having your well deserved end of year fun, this fun has NOTHING to do with Christ!

1: Christ wasn’t born on the 25th December.
2: There is nowhere in scripture, from Genesis to revelation where followers of God; Christians or Jews celebrated birthdays. However, there are two clear scriptural instances of pagans celebrating birthdays, Pharaoh’s in Genesis 40:20 and Herod’s in
Matthew 14:6-12

3: The New Testament was written over a period of circa 60 years and no one ever celebrated Christ’s birth or was asked to celebrate his birth by Christ himself, the apostles, disciples or early church.

4: Christmas is a symbol of imported pagan cultures, a subtle indication of neo colonialism and a consequent reminder of sl@very.
The day was set aside by our colonial masters, syncretized with the celebration of their own pagan gods. Don’t we have our own pagan celebrations that we can syncretize, must we celebrate their own paganism? 🤷

5: The idea behind Christmas is pagan, the day pagan, Christmas tree pagan, mistletoe pagan, giving of gifts, pagan, partying & revelry pagan, so what’s really the point?

6: If in John 8:32, Christ said you will know the truth and it would set you free, why then are you disregarding the truth in favor of convenient lies?

7: Christmas is the time of the year when much alcohol is drunk & many accidents happen, it’s NOT a Godly festival! Rather, it’s filled with revelry and wild celebrating.

According to
Christmas is a peak time for increased stress and accidents, for both humans and pets. According to RoSPA more than 80,000 people go to A&E each year for Christmas-related accidents and over 6,000 of these need to be admitted.

Decorations, fires, new toys, visitors, cooking and houses packed with over-excited children and extra animals present a lot of potential hazards. Factor in the additional seasonal stress and alcohol and you can start to understand how people fall foul of the festive season. So from those of us who know the truth;H A P P Y H O L I D A Y S”


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