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Cardi B and Bella Poarch’s beef explained

Cardi B and Bella Poarch's beef explained

Bella Poarch claims her beef with Cardi B was caused by a hacked Twitter account.

However, fans have speculated that the release of her debut EP and this public beef may be coincidental.

Cardi B and Bella Poarch Twitter beef explained

On August 12, 2022, social media personality Bella Poarch got into an argument with Cardi B on Twitter after she claimed that her debut EP was better than any of Cardi B’s albums.

Cardi B then responded to the tweet by sharing a screenshot of a private message Bella sent to her with the caption: “Haha ..I got a better one.”

Following Cardi B’s tweet, Bella continued uploading a slew of other offensive tweets, which have now been deleted.

However, she later came out to apologize for her offensive tweets.

Her tweet stated: “Hey guys it’s Bella…I just woke up to this mess an hour ago and I’ve been working with Twitter to get back into my account.

“Someone hacked me while I was asleep but everything’s okay now. And I’m so sorry to @iamcardib for the dumb sh** that was tweeted.”

What is Bella Poarch’s net worth?

According to Ladbible, Bella Poarch has an estimated net worth of approximately $200,000, as of August 2022.

Her main source of income is said to be from her career in music and as a social media influencer.

She also earns income from brand endorsements and sponsorships.

What is Cardi B’s net worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Cardi B has an estimated net worth of approximately $40million, as of August 2022.


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