Califfornia High School football team forced to forfeit season after video surfaced of players having a fake slave auction

A California high school football team has been forced to forfeit their season after some of their players participated in a fake slave auction and posted it on social media.

In the video, the River Valley High School football team had the black players stand on an “auction block” while the other players yelled out prices for them in a joking manner. The video was posted on social media and spread like wildfire, eventually reaching the school district. The players who participated were immediately kicked off the team for violating the student-athlete code of conduct. Because of this, the team didn’t have enough players to finish the season, so they had to forfeit the rest of the games.

“Re-enacting a slave sale as a prank tells us that we have a great deal of work to do with our students so they can distinguish between intent and impact,” Yuba City Unified School District Superintendent Doreen Osumi wrote. “They may have thought this skit was funny, but it is not; it is unacceptable and requires us to look honestly and deeply at issues of systemic racism.”

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