Brad William Henke cause of death

American actor and former National Football League and Arena Football League player Brad William Henke passed away on November 29, 2022.

He earned the 2016 Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series for his portrayal as Corrections Officer Desi Piscatella on Orange Is the New Black, for which he is most known.

In Nebraska’s Columbus, Henke was born. He was a defensive lineman for football and a student at the University of Arizona.

In the 1989 NFL Draft, the New York Giants selected Henke, but he was released during training camp. The Denver Broncos signed him, and he competed in Super Bowl XXIV against the San Francisco 49ers. He had to have six ankle surgeries as a result of persistent ailments, forcing him to give up playing professional football in 1994.

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Brad William Henke cause of death: How did Brad William Henke die?

At the age of 56, Henke passed away in his sleep on November 29, 2022, with no apparent cause. He claimed to have a 90% blockage of his artery in an Instagram post on May 15, 2021. He added that he underwent two cardiac stents, a spleen removal, and the removal of half of his pancreas to remove a tumor the size of a golf ball in another post dated June 29, 2021.


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