My boyfriend is secretly getting married to another lady after dating him for over ten years – Lady cries

Lady expresses worry for her cousin’s daughter who started her period at 8 years

A netizen has taken to social media to narrate how a friend who has been together with her boyfriend for a decade found out he was getting married to another lady.

According to the Twitter user, there had been no fight or quarrel between the two and the boyfriend’s friends were congratulating the estranged girlfriend thinking she’s the one getting wedded.

The post reads;

My friend’s boyfriend is getting married. They didn’t quarrel or anything. They’ve been together for 10 years. He didn’t tell her. He didn’t break up. His friend congratulated her because everyone thought she’s the one. She’s in so much pain, and I don’t know how to comfort her. She was acting strong last week. But apparently, the wedding is this weekend, and babe is a total wreck. She found out 2 weeks ago.

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