Bisexual lady narrates how her trusted family pastor washed her vjayjay with oil and water, tried to sleep with her in the name of instilling in me feelings for only men after she confided in him

A bisexual lady has narrated how her family pastor who they trust so much washed her v@gina with water mixed with oil and tried to sleep with her after she confided in him.

According to the lady, the pastor made her face the wall while he tried to penetrate her after he washed her v@gina and when she asked him what he was doing, he told her he is instilling in her feelings for only men.

The lady further said, she can’t tell anybody or her parents about what happened because they don’t know she is into girls and moreover they trust the pastor so much.

She wants to know if she should use the items the pastor gave her for directions or she shouldn’t.

Read the post below:

Good evening Auntie Abena,

I’ve been going through this emotional pains that I don’t have anyone to talk to and I’m really disturbed and down and don’t know what to do but I know you and your fans can be of help.

I’m a bisexual and really worried of going into this evil act. I always pray and ask God to help me to come out of it

None of my family members knew I was sleeping with ladies too because I’m having a serious boyfriend they all know

It was really bothering me and I confided in my spiritual father (a man of God) for help

I went to his house and he gave me a bible to hold, told me to pray seriously about it and told me he will be right back.

He came back and asked me 3 times if I want to stop sleeping with girls and I said yes.

He prayed out water and poured some oil in it and told me to follow him. We went to the bathroom and he told me to pray whiles he was washing my vjay. He told me to stand up and he continued washing my Vijay. I was really confused and asking myself that does God really do these kind of directions but because I want to stop this evil act, I kept mute for him to do it .

He turned me against the wall and started praying that God should help me to have feelings for only guys. I was praying within me too and felt as if something is penetrating me. I looked back and he told me that he is instilling in me feelings for only men. I told him I can’t have sex with him but he told me it’s not sex, it’s God’s direction but I still insisted and he stopped without ejaculating.

He gave me some oil and handkerchief to pray over it and bath with it each day. I really trusted this man and thought he can help me out of this act .

I’m really confused whether to use the items he gave me or stop?

Does God give this kind of directions?

He is a family pastor too but I’m afraid to tell my mom about what happened too.The family really believe this man too much

Please help me out.


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