Beating children has never led to discipline. If beatings worked, we would’ve had well-behaved adults – Reno Omokri says

Most African parents believe that beating a child when he or she does something wrong is the ideal method to correct them or put them on the right track, but Reno Omokri has shown us that this just makes them more frightened and difficult than they were before.

According to him, abusing children has never resulted in discipline, and if it had, Africans would have the most disciplined adults.

However, this is not the case, so instead of abusing the child, you should deprive him or her of something he or she needs or enjoys as a lesson.

He also encouraged rewarding your children for good behaviour, rather than constantly beating them always since it only makes them rebellious and some end up being violent, beating their spouse and children.

“Beating children is a crime in all the Scandinavian countries. Yet, Scandinavia has the world’s lowest crime rate. If your assertion was correct, they ought to be the world headquarters for yahoo yahoo and Italy girls!”

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