Arnold Asamoah Baidoo disrespected Shatta Wale-Hammer

Arnold Asamoah Baidoo disrespected Shatta Wale-Hammer

CEO of the Last Two Music Group, Hammer has jumped to the defence of Dancehall artiste Shatta Wale after his clash with Arnold Asamoah Baidoo on UTV’s United Showbiz on Saturday.

Shatta Wale and Arnold Asamoah Baidoo were involved in an altercation on the show over a comment made by the latter that the SM boss is confused and inconsistent.

Arnold Asamoah Baidoo last week reacted to Shatta Wale’s state of the Industry address as he claimed the Dancehall crooner is confused and inconsistent.

Shatta Wale on Saturday demanded that the popular Entertainment pundit retracted and apologized for making such a comment about him.

Arnold refused to apologize and it ended in a back and forth between the pair on the show.

However, Hammer has jumped to the defence of Shatta Wale following his comportment on the show.

According to Hammer, Arnold Asamoah Baidoo disrespected Shatta Wale for describing him as confused and inconsistent.

Read Hammer’s lengthy Facebook post below:

“What’s with all this ugly hate on social media.

Confused is disrespectful no matter how u spin it, and being a journalist certainly gives u no right to call someone confused.
If his methods confuse u let it be known cos that would mean it’s relative to u, nothing wrong if his ways confuse u… just don’t try to generalize it as a tag. It wouldn’t be the first time something has eluded another individual in this life. That’s actually why there’s a saying that “ppl fear what they don’t understand”.
Do u knw how many ppl have been called confused and crazy in history, just cos they were misunderstood, only for them to change the narrative that eventually went on to influence society for the better?
Arnold u shld knw better. A few tantrums and politically incorrect outbursts from star boy and so what!!
U forget we made him this way? The cruelty of this industry swallowed him and spit him out, the only difference here is the fact that he fought back and created success however way possible… what be this!!! The guy is actually trying to go beyond himself to move the industry into a better space and u think u knw better because of 2 lame examples of Nigerian genres u cited?
Me myself I don’t agree with the idea of one Genre to represent GH but can’t I have that opinion without being disrespectful?
Sometimes you guys sound like u wanted to be musicians and it didn’t work out.
And I can’t believe ppl are celebrating u for being so disrespectful to another human being in the name of what, opinion? Nonsense, are u psychologist?
U ppl live quietly behind closed doors with your imperfections and just because someone’s life is public u think u can have an opinion?
And the ppl who’ve taken to social media gloating and thinking someone stood up to the giant… saying shatta is not intelligent shatta be idiot, Arnold owned him on the show blah blah etc. you’re just expressing your pain of not being as recognized as he is or having his success. Keep quiet and go and hide in shame.
Do u actually think the measurement of wisdom and intelligence is talking talking or who can forge the most clever remarks about others? Have u ever seen a self made successful fool before… that’s cos Stupidity will never allow success to find u. If u don’t believe me do your research. Find me a successful fool.
Arnold u be my guy and I’ve sat on a couple of committees and boards with u, so I’m privy to your level of intelligence and level headedness but pls no matter what u think, your disrespectful public utterance of your opinion on another person is rubbish and totally irrelevant and shld remain in your head, I’m sorry. The ethics of your trade shld teach u better.
Considering your basis for your stands of his Ghana hilife part of his speech, Nothing he said is consistent with your harsh remarks of confused and inconsistency on his person. U could have easily said u don’t agree with him and the matter will make progress, rendering your criticism a constructive one.
But no, u want to reiterate to feed your ego as being right.
Confused ppl don’t successfully run a business for 8yrs continues with the record of being the hardest working artist we’ve known in recent times.
Only levelheadedness brings success and Growth.”

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