Amber Heard Tops The List Of Most Searched Celebrity On Google In 2022

There were a lot of events that made headlines this year. One of them was the defamation suit where Hollywood actor sued his ex-wife and actress Amber Heard after she called herself a survivor of domestic abuse in a 2018 Washington Post article. With an average of 5.6 million searches per month in the US, the 36-year-old actress took the top spot on the list of the most googled A-listers of 2022, according to CelebTattler. The website analysed data points from Google search trends in 2022 and tracked over 150 notable celebrities. Mr Depp, was the second in this list with 5.5 million searches per month.

“This year has certainly not been lacking when it comes to celebrity news stories, whether it be Elon Musk taking over Twitter or the ‘Don’t Worry Darling’ behind the scenes drama,” a spokesperson from CelebTattler told The New York Post in a statement.

British monarch, who died this year, Queen Elizabeth II was ranked third in the list and had 4.3 million Google searches per month for the year. She died on September 8 of “old age”. She was 96.

Footballer Tom Brady ranked fourth on the list with 4.06 million searches.

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson were placed fifth and sixth in the list. 3.4 million Google searches per month were made on Google for the SKIMS founder, who stirred up controversy by attending the Met Gala wearing the original Marilyn Monroe gown. On the other hand, Pete Davidson amassed an average of 3.2 million searches per month.

Post a commentThe new CEO of Twitter, who has been a lot in the news in the recent months, ranked seventh on the list. He had 3.19 million Google searches per month. The billionaire has been actively making changes to the microblogging platform and has been facing backlash for firing thousands of employees.

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