A woman calls you my brother when she’s not interested in dating you-Nana Romeo

A woman calls you my brother when she's not interested in dating you-Nana Romeo

Ghanaian media personality, Nana Romeo Welewele has dished out relationship advice to fellow men.

According to Nana Romeo of Accra FM, a woman calls a man ‘brother’ or ‘daddy’ when she is not interested in dating him.

He further stated that a woman who loves a man will never refer to him as such.

“Guys let me give you this filla. The moment a woman starts calling you my brother, daddy,just know that she’s not interested to date you and no matter how hard you try you can never win her heart. When a woman is not ready to be in anything amorous with you she calls you ‘my brother’,’my daddy,.A lady who is in love with you will never refer to you as my brother or my daddy'”Nana Romeo said in a TikTok video sighted by

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