A man must make at least GH¢10k in a week before he can be in a relationship-Lady

A popular Twitter influencer has made a very controversial statement that has garnered massive reactions on the app.

According to the lady identified on Twitter as Saada (@daddys_girltn), a man should be making at least GH¢ 10k ( $1,245) in a week before he can be in a relationship.

She explained that a man should be making huge cash in order to take care of his woman to prevent her from cheating on him.

She tweeted:

“For a man, to be in a relationship you have to be making at least 10k cedis a week. You don’t want your girl to have a side boy or someone snatch her from you. You have to make maximum money and take good care of her””

The post has garnered some interesting commentaries on Twitter.

Read some of the reactions below:

“Thats a fat lie. Boys who provide everything for their ladies still get cheated upon, no two ways about it. You’ve heard stories about that, haven’t u?”

“”Do u mean to buy a lady or to date a lady””

“”I know a footballer who’s wife have a side boy””

“”If he work hard just to make 10k a week , I bet you he won’t even hv time for her ..and she’ll start complaining and cheat in the end ! Money doesn’t always solve the problems””

“My sister you are very right. Its not a matter of women love money etc and that bullshit… women need to be taken care of. So if you cant take care of her, she cant be happy. But if she is still happy despite, then it means someone is taking care of her. Finito.”

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