7 things that can make you poor in 2022

Below are 7 things that can easily cripple your finances in 2022 if you indulge in them

1. Stop Eating Outside Always

Learn how to cook or ask a favor from someone who knows how to cook. It saves a lot of money compared to being a regular consumer at a restaurant.

2. Stop Smoking

 3. Stop Drinking Alcohol

It reduces productivity!

4. Gambling

Gambling is the quickest way to go broke. Avoid it at all costs!

5. Impulse Buying

Control yourself! Don’t buy things that you don’t need. Note: there’s a difference between wants and needs! If you are interested in buying an item, go to the market with the exact price of the item to avoid impulsive purchases.

 6. Unnecessary Taxi/Uber/Bolt Rides

Have you heard the saying; “the rich stay rich by acting like they are poor and the poor stay poor by acting like they are rich.” Yes! Pick the bus often, except in emergency cases. Reduce your need for private rides (Dropping) — it’s expensive compared to trotro rides.

7. Overindulgence In Entertainment (Movies, Video Games, Parties, etc.)

Entertainment is good but as the saying goes; too much of everything is bad. Being overly consumed by entertainment is a sure way to fail, stay broke and amplify laziness.+

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