51-year-old retired police officer finds new career as ‘stripper cop’

51-year-old retired police officer finds new career as 'stripper cop'

A career cop who spent more than 30 years on the force has found a new passion in performing as a policewoman stripper.

Michelle Walton, 51, who hails from the Isle of Wight in England, retired from her local police department in 2020 before creating her saucy stripping routine when she joined a small burlesque dance class.

“I created a stripping cop routine, as I already have the truncheon [batton] and handcuffs,” the raunchy retiree told Southwest News Service on Friday.

“My routine involves walking up to the stage waving two blue lights around, then stepping up on a chair pretending to direct traffic, then taking my first layer of clothing off,” she dished. “I then step in to the audience and dish out fixed penalty tickets, with the offense of ‘being too sexy.’”


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