5 European countries that gives work visa/permit easily to Ghanaians

This article seeks to detail the 5 European countries that give work visas/permits easily to Ghanaians.

A work permit is definitely another thing you must consider while planning your relocation.

How to get a Work Visa / Permit 

The surest way to secure a visa is to do it through an employer.

Most countries have paths to work permits or residency as long as a company sponsors you.

But if you’re self-employed or are making the move without corporate support, you’ll have to jump through a few more hoops.

First, the basics: You’ll need a passport and one that won’t expire in the next year or run out of visa pages.

Secondly, Financial capacity to travel back to your country.

Most of these countries would make sure you have the financial ability to travel back before they grant you a work visa or permit.

Below is a list of some European countries that give Work Visa easily :

1. Greece

Greece is situated in the southern and southeastern parts of Europe.

It was formerly known as Hellas.

The capital of Greece is Athens and it is the largest city in Greece.

Greece is popular as the cradle of modern civilization as well as the Spartan warriors.

Greece is a country of over 11 million people.

It shares borders with so many European countries such as Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria and others.

Greece is arguably one of the top romantic destinations in Europe.

If you are on a budget journey or budget stay in Greece, you won’t be very disappointed.

Greece is one of the 5 European countries that give work visas easily to Nigerians on our list.

Secure a job in Greece first, then apply for a work visa.

European countries Work visa / Work permit

There are lots of places to visit and lots of work to be done.

Their local currency is Euro so that shouldn’t be an issue.

To feed, you need a budget of 12-18 dollars a day.

Your accommodation will cost about 25-30 dollars a day while your daily expenditure if you are on a low budget, should be about 45-60 dollars a day.

2. Germany

It’s not the easiest permit to apply for, but if you’re a freelancer, you should put Germany on your radar.

Berlin offers an “artist visa” that lets freelancers establish residency in Germany for the purpose of self-employment.

You’ll have to fork over up to €110 and a lot of documentation—your business plan, proof of health insurance, and so forth.

Another option? Become a student. Some countries, like Germany and Finland, welcome Americans, Canadians and Few Nigerians into their graduate programs.

You’ll need to apply for a visa after you enrol in the school, but if you’re thinking about grad school, it might be a good opportunity to live overseas.

Germany is a great place for foodies and people with a good sense of humour.

Cologne in particular encourages a culture of open-mindedness and communication.

3. Ukraine

Ukraine is located in Eastern Europe, Kiev is the capital and the largest city too.

It is the 32nd most populous country in the world with a population of about 42.5 million people.

They practice Greek Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy as their dominant religions.

In terms of landmass, Ukraine is the largest country in Europe and the 46th largest country in the world.

For lovers of nature, Ukraine is a place that grants work visas to creatives that are looking to relocate.

There are so many indescribable atmospheres in Ukraine that you will enjoy if you’re creative and hard working. 

You can visit the Carpathian Mountains and have a lovely time while you sell your crafts.

You will also be met with welcoming and warm locals.

Ukraine is one of the European countries that give foreigners work permits and visas easily. 

It might take time before you get a work visa in Ukraine but in most cases, you’ll get it if you apply.

The Ukrainian Hryvnia is their local currency.

It cost about 3-5 dollars daily to eat, 10-15 dollars for normal accommodation per night, and generally, 30-40 dollars for your daily expenditure.

Which is the easiest country to get a work visa?

4. Croatia

The 2018 world cup finalists and runners up is a country of fewer than 5 million people.

This country is officially known as the Republic of Croatia.

Croatia is located between central and Southeast Europe.

It shares borders with Serbia in the east, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro in the Southeast, Hungary in the northeast and Slovenia in the northwest.

The capital of the country and its largest city is Zagreb.

They are dominantly Roman Catholics. There are lots of centres of attraction;

The Lastovo is about the youngest nature park, beautiful cathedrals, Plitvice National Park and great nightlife.

Croatia offers you a place to have a good life and a good business.

Croatia gives work permits to most applicants easily with lesser completion.

Their local currency is the Croatian Kuna.

European countries Work visa / Work Permit

You will get food for a day at 10-15 dollars a day on average, get accommodation of 20-45 dollars per night and spend daily about 35-45 dollars on average.

Croatia is another European country that gives work visas easily so add them to your survey list.

5. Ireland

Ireland’s work visas don’t come with age restrictions; everybody is welcome.

The catch here is that to get the 12-month Working Holiday Authorization, you have to either be enrolled in undergraduate or graduate education or have recently graduated (within the past year).

You also have to pay a fee of €300 and show proof of a return ticket, plus €1,500 to live off of.

(If you don’t have a return ticket, you must show that you have at least €3,000 available.)

Workers who don’t meet these requirements can apply for general work permits,

Though these are more difficult to get as they require either specific skill sets or proof that there’s a demand for labour in your field.

Why go to Ireland? “I think hands down that its friendliness and warm, welcoming atmosphere make it a dream to work in,” says Darragh Roche, a community associate at WeWork Charlemont Exchange in Dublin.

Which country has the most job opportunities for foreigners?

1. Greece

2. Germany

3. Ukraine

4. Croatia

5. Ireland


The above are not the best of European countries or the most economically vibrant countries in Europe.

They are the affordable countries that Ghanaians can visit to strive for survival.

Just be ready for the outrageous tax system.


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