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4 types of exercises to improve your sex game

Buff fitness instructor Patrick Toechterle shared some fitness routines that he said can help improve things in the bedroom. The hot sex tip involves exercising your hips to boost performance.

A fitness instructor has shown how to “improve your sex game” by exercising your hips for increased strength and endurance.

In a TikTok video, user @patrick_toechterle demonstrates various techniques he says will help lead to explosive bedroom sessions – and they aren’t very strenuous.

First off, he shows how to perform “rock backs” and then “quadrupled hip opener”, an exercise he called a “JJ hip opener”, and finally a “seated leg raise”.

The eye-opening exercises, which are part of Patrick’s “hip mobility routine” were watched more than 3 million times on the video-sharing app and people were impressed with the sex tips, and thousands left comments.

One user said: “Forwarding to husband… Praying he’d do it.”

“Should these be done before during or after,” joked another person.

The video was so popular Patrick made more videos on how to improve your fitness to aid good sex and they went down a storm.

“Yeah, we need more of these exercises!” said one.

A second user wrote: “I will prebook the ambulance before I start.”

“I do these stretches when I’m about to start my workout. It feels so good,” said a third.

Another user commented: “I do some of these stretches when I do yoga.”

This comes after a furious bloke claimed he faced being banned from his local gym because he told a woman he didn’t find her attractive.

He said he was “zoned out” and looking ahead when he was working out and became aware a woman had walked over and started shouting at him.

The man said she accused him of “staring” at her, so he pointed at his wife and said: “Get over yourself.

Watch the Video below:

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