17-year-old boy John DeMay paid $300 in bid to stop scammers sharing private pictures hours before killing himself

A Michigan high school student who died by suicide last week paid blackmailers $300 before killing himself, police say.

Criminals had allegedly tried to extort $1,000 out of 17-year-old Jordan John DeMay, threatening to release a nude picture he had been tricked into sending them.

Even after the $300 had been paid, the blackmailers reportedly demanded more.

“They told him they had all of his Facebook contacts, and more from other social media, as well as his nude photo,” Sheriff Greg Zyburt of the Marquette County Sheriff’s Office told The US Sun.

“Then they said they’d start to send the picture out. Jordan said he couldn’t pay them any more money.

“He said you win, and that he was going to kill himself, and they said go for it,” Sheriff Zyburt added.

According to police, just SIX hours after contact was first made via Twitter, Jordan was dead, having taken his own life.

“The Twitter profile showed a beautiful picture of a girl. Soon she sent Jordan a nude picture, then he sent a compromising picture back to her, then the conversation quickly changed, it became a situation of blackmail,” Zyburt explained of how the tragic events rapidly unfolded.

“We treated it as a teenage suicide to start with,” said Zyburt.

Police investigating Jordan’s death soon reassessed why he died when a friend of Jordan came forward telling them that the blackmailers had contacted her too.

“The nude picture was sent to a friend of Jordan. She knew Jordan had killed himself, and she saw the picture, and then they started demanding money off her too” said Sheriff Zyburt.

“She told them he killed himself. They said GOOD, then she hung up and called the police.”

Detectives concluded that Jordan was a victim of internet sextortion. Authorities are still actively pursuing the perpetrators but no arrests have yet been made.

A GoFundMe page set up to help support the DeMay family has smashed its target of $2000, raising over $17,000.

Police took the unusual step of releasing details of Jordan’s death in the hope it will educate others as to the risks of sextortion and how best to respond to those risks.

On Wednesday afternoon, Jordan’s family and friends attended his funeral at Lake Superior Christian Church in Marquette, Michigan.


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